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Pinterest Marketing Portfolio – Adhd Coach

If you’re looking for a pinterest marketing portfolio in the event you want us to work together, this is it.

I show you how I helped this Adhd Coach start a Pinterest account that sends traffic to her blog and her coaching program passively.


Jessi Romero – Adhd Business Coach

Creative Process

We set three main goals for this campaign to be successful.

– Increase blog traffic from Pinterest.

– Turn Instagram posts into blog posts for Adhd readers.

– To get qualified leads to her paid programs.

This was to be achieved by having a launch process which would then be followed by daily posting on Pinterest as well as blog posts.

And because her brand is built on the basis of understanding the Adhd brain, it was necessary to make the blog posts short, concise and straight to the point.

“My Pinterest account has consistently been giving me quality traffic and leads. Not only that but my blog posts are actually ranking on Google because of you. Thank you for making it possible despite the tight deadline?”

Jessi Romero

How We Work.

Step 1:

Creation of Blog posts was done while pins were created on Canva from scratch following the client’s brand colors.

Step 2:

Scheduling of posts was done through Tailwind.

Step 3:

Weekly & Monthly Reports were made available for the client to assess the progress of the account and the results obtained.

Pinterest Results

The Account

The account grew from 0 – 135 followers and steadily growing

The overall account impressions grew from 0 – 27, 551k impressions

Pinterest Pins

In a span of 1 week, we had 3 idea pins go viral with the most viral pin gaining 17k views within a few hours and now it is sitting at 26k views, and the rest following with 4k viiews and 3.6k views respectively.

Out of the 20 pins that were posted, 15 pins are still ranking on Pinterest search.

Top Static pin has 4.84k impressions in the last month with 125 link clicks and 25 saves.

Pinterest Pins

Pinterest Traffic

So far, in the last 30 days, Pinterest has brought in 678 people to the client’s website. And out of 743 people who came fro socials, Pinterest is still the top referrer of traffic to the client’s website.

Blogging Results

A total of 18 blog posts created and optimized for search.

Blog Traffic

An increase in organic traffic from 0 to 336.

Backlinks increased which caused an increase in DA score from 0 – 10.

Let’s work together to

It’s time to set up a Pinterest marketing strategy that works for you even when you’re sleeping.