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Avoid these 6 gifts that dads dislike

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Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the incredible men who have shaped our lives with their wisdom, love, and strength. Finding the perfect gift to show our appreciation can be a daunting task. However, sometimes in our quest to find something unique or memorable, we end up choosing gifts that miss the mark. I’ve made my fair share of gift-giving blunders over the years, and I want to spare you from the same mistakes. In this post, I’ll share specific advice on what not to gift dads, based on personal experiences and lessons learned. By avoiding these common pitfalls, you’ll be able to choose a thoughtful gift that truly resonates with your dad.

\## My Journey of Gift-Giving Mistakes

As a seasoned gift-giver, I’ve experienced the highs and lows of Father’s Day surprises. Some gifts hit the bullseye, while others fell flat—like the time I gifted Dad a novelty tie shaped like a fish. His polite smile masked the disappointment, but I knew I had missed the mark. Over the years, I’ve learned valuable lessons about what not to give dads. These insights stem from my own blunders, and they’ve shaped my approach to gift-giving.

\### The Gadget Fiasco

One year, I splurged on a high-tech gadget—\[a portable self heating espresso machine with grounded coffee and NS capsules ]\()that promised to revolutionize Dad’s life as a coffee lover. This tool talked about having coffee on the go,having a USB-C and car charger to have your coffee on the go. I mean, he was also excited to have it because now, he would always have his coffee. And don’t get me wrong the gadget was and is still awesome but my dad is a little clumsy and the number of tmes he went to work with his pants soaked with coffee is more than he could count. So much so that he finally gave it all up and stopped using it. I’d have loved it if he would have used it but I didn’t think about my dad’s clumsiness in a tight space like a car with a coffee machine hehehee.

The device has now been sitting untouched, gathering dust. Lesson learned: Be mindful of your father’s overall personality despite his likes and interest.

Now, last year, I got him this \[Temperature-Controlled, Self-Heating Coffee Mug]\() and I’m telling you he walks around with it in each and every gathering… so much that my uncle now has it. That was a well learned lesson.

\### The “World’s Best Dad” Mug

It seemed harmless—a mug proclaiming Dad’s greatness. But he already had a collection of them from me for every year I could afford anything. And it seemed to work when I was younger but I guess as I grew older, he thought I would undersand his preferences more. And it’s not that these mugs are horrible. It’s just the presentation and the frequency to which you give them to the SAME PERSON should be assessed. If you’ve given your dad a mug before, don’t do it this father’s day.

The lesson? Personalized mugs lose their charm after the first dozen.

\### The Overpriced Cologne

Dad’s signature scent was more about memories than fragrance. Yet, I gifted him an expensive cologne endorsed by a celebrity. He graciously accepted it, but I could tell it wasn’t “him.” And though, he actually never voiced his dislike, he simply never used it until I asked him and then he made a joke out of it and I knew “oh shoot! he didnt like it!”

\### The DIY Disaster

Inspired by Pinterest, I crafted a homemade coupon book—promises of car washes, lawn mowing, and breakfast in bed. Dad chuckled, but the coupons remained unused nit because he doesnt like washing his car or mowing the lawn, but because it looked like “shit and a bunch of papers put together” Those were his words. He would have preferred if I simply put the coupons in a nice little box and handed it to him. With the homemade coupon book, I had stuck them such that it was hard for him to even use them.

Lesson: Practical gifts are great, but execution matters.

\### The “Dad Joke” Book

Mydad loves humor, so I thought a book of dad jokes would be a hit. Turns out, he preferred witty banter over rehearsed punchlines.

Lesson: Know your dad’s sense of humor intimately.

Now, as I write about avoiding gift-giving mistakes, I draw from these experiences. I want readers to choose presents that resonate with their dads—the kind that won’t end up in the “regift” pile. Because, in the end, it’s not about the price tag; it’s about the thought behind the gesture.

\## List of Gifts Dads Dislike

1\. Novelty Items
2\. High-Tech Gadgets
3\. Personalized Mugs
4\. Overpriced Cologne
5\. DIY Gifts
6\. Joke Books

\## Detailed Reviews of Gifts to Avoid

\### 1. Novelty Items

\### The Fish-Shaped Tie Disaster

Novelty items are often chosen with the best intentions—they’re quirky, funny, and meant to bring a smile. However, they can also miss the mark by being impractical or even embarrassing. I remember the year I thought it would be hilarious to give my dad a tie shaped like a fish. I imagined it would be a great conversation starter at his office. Instead, it ended up in the back of his closet, never to be worn. The polite smile on his face was a clear indicator that this gift was a flop.

\### Why They Fail

Novelty items fail because they often lack practical use and can quickly become clutter. They might be amusing for a moment, but they rarely hold lasting value or sentiment. Dads, like most people, appreciate gifts that are functional and meaningful. Novelty items can also sometimes feel like the giver didn’t put much thought into the gift, opting instead for something easy and amusing.

Mark, my very good friend once gave his dad a tie with his favorite sports team’s logo, thinking it would be a hit. He imagined his dad wearing it proudly to work or at family gatherings. However, the tie never saw the light of day.

His dad appreciated the gesture but found the tie too flashy for his taste. It ended up in the same fate as my fish-shaped tie—tucked away and forgotten.

\### Better Alternative for the best Father’s day gift

Instead of novelty items, consider gifts that combine style and practicality. Classic, stylish ties or cufflinks that can be worn on multiple occasions are always a safe bet. Look for something that aligns with your dad’s personal style and preferences. If he enjoys a bit of flair, go for a tie with a subtle, tasteful pattern rather than something overly gimmicky.

Also, you can do away with the whole novelty gift or pair it with \[something like this that will actually makes your dad stop looking for his keys or losing his keys – be it house keys or car keys. I promise you he’ll actually use it.]\()

\### 2. High-Tech Gadgets

Personal Story: The Smart Home Hub That Collected Dust

High-tech gadgets are often marketed as life-changing innovations. They promise to simplify tasks, entertain, or connect us in new ways. However, not all dads are tech-savvy or interested in the latest gadgets. One year, I I splurged on a high-tech gadget—\[a portable self heating espresso machine with grounded coffee and NS capsules ]\()that promised to revolutionize Dad’s life as a coffee lover. It had all the bells and whistles— it came in black, which is his favorite color, it waseasy to operate, just one tap, and voila your coffee is out, it’s hands-free so you don’t have to hold it for you to get your coffee and it keeps the water hot for a long time especially if you preheat the water. When I tell you I thought I had gotten him the perfect father’s day gift, I literally thought I had.

But little did I know, that my dad is mr. clumsy. So he’d simply pour coffee all over himself. He would let it run so the cup would be full to the brim and since he would want to have his coffee while driving, all that coffee would end up on his pants. After trying different techniques, he finally decided he was done with wet pants in the office and the device was put away in one of the kitchen cabinets.

\### Why They Fail

High-tech gadgets can be overwhelming for dads who aren’t comfortable with new technology. They might find the setup and usage instructions complicated and frustrating. Additionally, some gadgets require ongoing maintenance, software updates, or additional purchases to fully utilize their features. For a dad who enjoys straightforward, reliable tools, these high-tech options can feel like more trouble than they’re worth.

Just like my friend, Sarah, who bought her dad a smartwatch, convinced it would help him stay connected and monitor his health. She envisioned him tracking his steps, checking his heart rate, and receiving notifications effortlessly. However, her dad struggled with its functions and found it too complex. After a few attempts, he reverted to his old wristwatch, which he found more reliable and easy to use.

But now, the difference is that my dad has a smartwatch that my step sister gave him a while back. And he loves it. So instead of copying other people’s father’s day gifts, also, observe your dad and take note of the things he loves and admires. Or simply ask him. You’d be shocked that he doesn’t even know that Father’s day is around the corner and you’re looking for information to get him the perfect gift.

\### Better Father’s Day Gift Alternative

If your dad is like Sarah’s dad, instead of the latest high-tech gadget, opt for simple, practical tools or gadgets he already uses but could use an upgrade.

For example, \[this high-quality toolbox with essential tools can be a hit for a dad who enjoys DIY projects.]\() If he likes cooking, a durable, \[well-designed pasta machine that gets him to brag about his made-from-scratch pasta]\() that he can show off during a get together or a family function

or better yet…

You coudl get him \[a device like this one that he can use to answer phone calls when he’s cooking ]\()instead of having the weird dirty fingerprints left on his iphone or samsung.

The key is to choose something that fits into his lifestyle without adding unnecessary complexity.

\### 3. Personalized Mugs

Personalized mugs are a classic gift, often chosen for their sentimental value. They’re easy to customize with a heartfelt message or a fun photo. However, their charm diminishes after the first few. I once thought it would be sweet to give my dad a “World’s Best Dad” mug. He appreciated it, but I realized he already had a collection of them, each tucked away in the kitchen cabinet, unused, that I had given him over the years. Personalized mugs lose their charm after the first dozen.

\### Why They Fail

Personalized mugs fail because they can quickly become redundant. Dads only need so many coffee mugs, and after a while, they become more of a clutter than a meaningful gift. While the sentiment behind the mug is lovely, it’s not a particularly unique or practical gift after the first few. Additionally, they can feel like a generic choice, lacking the personal touch that makes a gift truly special.

Just like my friend’s dad who expressed to us that he had a cupboard full of such mugs, none of which he used anymore. Each year, family members and friends would gift him another personalized mug, and while he appreciated the thought, he didn’t have the space or the need for so many. Eventually, the mugs were packed away in boxes, taking up valuable storage space.

\### Better Father’s day gift Alternatives

Instead of another personalized mug, consider giving personalized,\[ high-quality drinkware like this thermal mug that I’ll be getting my dad this year because he’s so clumsy so he can drink his coffee on his way to work without spilling coffee on himself.]\()

It’s literally the best because I already have it in white. Like it doesn’t spill at all. Furthermore, I like the fact that it has a straw. So you can have your cold brew with your straw especially because summer is almost here, if it isn’t already where you stay. And because the lid is rubber, it’s super easy to clean and doesn’t rust like most metal ones do when you’ve had them for a long time.

or a custom engraved glass. A thermal travel mug can be used on the go, keeping drinks hot or cold for longer periods. A custom engraved glass, such as a whiskey tumbler or a \[beer stein like this wooden classic one that only goes for $17]\().

If you’re looking for more cheap but quality father’s gifts that are under $20 like the one right above, here’s a list of father’s day gifts under $20 that your dad will absolutely love.

Remember the key to getting the perfect father’s day gift is to ensure it reflects your dad’s tastes and interests.

And that why the alternatives I offer here have a more unique and practical take on the personalized gift idea as opposed to the generic gifts.

\### 4. Overpriced Cologne

Cologne is often seen as a luxurious, thoughtful gift. However, it can be a tricky choice, especially if you’re not familiar with your dad’s preferences.

One year, I decided to gift Dad an expensive cologne endorsed by a celebrity. I thought it would make him feel special and sophisticated. He graciously accepted it, but I could tell it wasn’t “him.” Dad’s signature scent was more about musking his cigarette smell than fragrance endorsed by a celebrity. He couldnt care less if the celebrity was Michael Bolton. Hehehehehe!! He loves Michael Bolton.

But he has never worn the cologne and instead he has stuck to his familiar, comforting scent stating that he has never found one that’s better than that one. . Lesson: Stick to scents that your dad loves not what you think he will love. If he loves sweet smelling cologne, don’t get him a manly scent. If he loves a strong scented perfume, get him that. Don’t get him a subtle cologne.

\### Why They Fail

Overpriced colognes fail because they often don’t align with a dad’s personal taste. Fragrance is highly personal and tied to individual preferences and memories. A scent that works for one person might not work for another. Additionally, many dads have a signature scent they’re comfortable with and might not be open to changing it. The high cost of the cologne can also add pressure, making it difficult for dads to feel comfortable using it regularly.

And Emily,an ex clasmate made that same mistake. She gave her dad a high-end cologne but instead of wearing it, he stuck to his familiar, comforting aftershave. Emily thought she was giving her dad a touch of luxury, but he found the new scent too strong and unfamiliar. He appreciated the gesture but continued using his tried-and-true aftershave.

Had she given him a cologne that was more subtle, he could have been switching between the two. In fact, he was later to tell her that he would have appreciated a less stronger scent than the one she had bought. And even offered to go with her the next time she was buying him a cologne.

\### Better Alternatives instead of Colognes

Unless you’re willing to engage your dad or mom to help you get the perfect cologne, its best to consider other products.

So instead of a high-end cologne, consider gifting a set of his favorite grooming products or a subscription to a shaving club. \[A gift set that includes his preferred aftershave, shaving cream, and other grooming essentials]\() can be a practical and appreciated choice. \[A subscription to a shaving club ]\()can offer him high-quality products delivered regularly, ensuring he always has what he needs. These alternatives are thoughtful and cater to his personal preferences without overwhelming him with an unfamiliar scent.

\### 5. DIY Gifts

DIY gifts are often crafted with love and the best intentions. They promise a personal touch and can be deeply meaningful. Inspired by Pinterest, I once crafted a homemade coupon book for my dad—promises of car washes, lawn mowing, and breakfast in bed. Dad chuckled when he received it, but the coupons remained unused. The execution of a DIY gift can make or break its success.

\### Why They Fail

DIY gifts can fail when they’re not executed well or when they’re impractical. While the thought behind a DIY gift is often appreciated, dads might find it difficult to use or enjoy them if they’re not well-made or relevant to their needs. Additionally, some DIY gifts, like homemade coupon books, require follow-through that might not always be feasible. The sentiment is there, but the practicality can be lacking.

It’s just like how Tom spent hours crafting a photo album for his dad, filled with pictures and memories. He thought it would be a heartfelt gift that his dad would treasure. However, his dad rarely looked at it, finding it easier to enjoy digital photos on his phone. Tom realized that while the effort was appreciated, the execution didn’t align with his dad’s preferences.

\### Better Alternatives

Instead of a DIY gift that might fall short in execution, consider a professionally made photo book or a DIY gift with more immediate practical use. A professionally made photo book can combine the personal touch of a DIY gift with a polished, finished product that can be enjoyed for years.

Alternatively, consider a DIY gift that involves quality time together, like engaging in a cooking class especially if your dad loves cooking. \[Cozymeal]\() is perfect for such cooking classes and their classes range from $29 all the way to $100 and the best part is that you can actually have physical classes instead of the online classes. But if your dad is far from you, you can simply have a virtual class together. How cool is that?

Such an alternative offers a balance of thoughtfulness and practicality.

\### 6. Joke Books

Humor is a great way to connect with dads, and many enjoy a good laugh. I once thought a book of dad jokes would be the perfect gift for my dad, who loved humor. However, it turned out he preferred witty banter over rehearsed punchlines. The joke book fell flat, and I realized I hadn’t quite captured his sense of humor. Lesson: Know your dad’s sense of humor intimately.

\### Why They Fail

Joke books can fail because they often rely on generic, rehearsed humor that might not resonate with everyone. Dads who appreciate a good laugh often prefer spontaneous, personal humor over pre-written jokes. Additionally, joke books can feel impersonal, as if the giver didn’t put much thought into the gift. They can quickly end up on a shelf, gathering dust, rather than being a source of genuine amusement.

Anna’s dad, a natural storyteller, loved sharing funny anecdotes and witty observations. She thought a joke book would be a great addition to his humor repertoire. However, he found the jokes dull and uninspired, preferring his own stories. The book ended up forgotten, and Anna realized she needed to find a gift that matched his unique sense of humor better.

Better Alternatives

Instead of a joke book, consider a biography of his favorite comedian or \[tickets to a comedy show.]\() A biography can provide insight into the life and career of a comedian he admires, offering both entertainment and inspiration.

Tickets to a comedy show can create a memorable experience, giving him the opportunity to enjoy live humor in a vibrant setting. I love this site that gives you a ton of comedy and music events that you can use to get the best deals and tickets to comedy show. Some of the comedians you’l find are Kevin Hart,Kat Williams, and Dave Chappell. So if your dad loves these comedians, \[book your tickets from this site]\() as these alternatives cater to his love of humor in a more personalized and engaging way.

\## Conclusion

Choosing the perfect Father’s Day gift can be challenging, but avoiding these common mistakes can help you find a present that truly resonates with your dad. Remember, it’s not about the price tag; it’s about the thought and effort behind the gesture. By considering your dad’s preferences and personality, you can choose a gift that will be cherished and appreciated.

\### Summary

To recap, here are the six gifts to avoid and their better alternatives:

1\. \*\*Novelty Items\*\*: Avoid quirky, impractical items. Instead, choose classic, stylish accessories.
2\. \*\*High-Tech Gadgets\*\*: Avoid complicated tech gadgets. Opt for simple, practical tools or upgraded versions of items he already uses.
3\. \*\*Personalized Mugs\*\*: Avoid redundant personalized mugs. Consider high-quality, personalized drinkware.
4\. \*\*Overpriced Cologne\*\*: Avoid unfamiliar, expensive colognes. Choose familiar grooming products or a shaving club subscription.
5\. \*\*DIY Gifts\*\*: Avoid poorly executed DIY gifts. Go for professionally made photo books or DIY gifts that involve quality time.
6\. \*\*Joke Books\*\*: Avoid generic joke books. Select biographies of favorite comedians or comedy show tickets.

\### FAQs

\*\*Do novelty items ever make good father’s day gifts?\*\*

Yes, but they should be chosen with care. Novelty items that have a practical use or a personal significance can be well-received. The key is to ensure they align with your dad’s interests and personality.

\*\*Why are practical father’s day gifts often better?\*\*

Practical gifts are often better because they serve a useful purpose in your dad’s daily life. They show that you’ve put thought into what he needs and can enjoy, making them more meaningful and appreciated.

\### Final Thoughts

In the end, the best gifts are those that reflect your dad’s unique personality and interests. Take the time to consider what he truly enjoys and needs. By doing so, you’ll choose a gift that brings a smile to his face and warmth to his heart. Remember, it’s the thought and effort behind the gesture that make a gift truly special.

\### Additional Resources

For more gift ideas and reviews, check out the related articles on our website. Whether you’re looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift or just need some inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

By sharing my own gift-giving blunders and offering practical alternatives, I hope to guide you toward making better gift choices. After all, our dads deserve the best, and with a little thought and effort, we can give them gifts that show just how much they mean to us.