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Shocking truth about Handwriting fonts used on Pins

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How many times have you just created a Pinterest pin and only thought about how it looked…. And not thought about whether or not it was readable?

Well that’s exactly what this post is about.

In this post we’re going to talk about

  1. Do Handrwriting posts affect your pins performance – backed up with facts.
  2. Which Handwriting fonts you should use to increase engagement
  3. How to use handwriting fonts on your Pinterest pins

Lets get into it.

Do Handwriting Fonts Affect Your Pin’s Performance?

Well, the answer is simply Yes.

The real question though is how does it affect your pin? Does it have a positive impact or a negative impact in your pins overall performance?

Well, that depends… And I know that’s not the answer you were looking for but let’s define it a little

Whether a handwriting font will affect your pin positively or negatively is influenced by:

The readability of that handwriting font.

Which word you choose to use the Handwriting font with.

The font pixels used.

Lets look at each factor.

The Readability of The Handwriting Font

Let’s just take an example. Take a look at these two handwriting fonts. One is easily readable while the other takes a little bit of effort to read.

In short, try using handwriting fonts that can be ready… Even though some readable fonts are not aesthetically pleasing, they can be read.

Remember your pin has 1 – 2 seconds to capture your audiences attention. So if they cannot easily tell what your pin is about, you lose them.

It’s just that simple.

Words You Choose to Use the Handwriting Font

The thing with handwriting fonts is that they are simply used to break the monotonous ness of a pin. The fonts bring in the so called cuteness that attracts the majority of the female audience ( which is the largest audience on Pinterest). With that being said, you need to ensure you hardly use them for the major keywords on your pins unless they are a readable handwriting font. Instead you want to focus on the words that can be easily read by the brain even with the hard to read handwriting fonts.

These words include The, But, And, How to, ” just to name a few. These are common words that are used in the English language. So anybody can decipher them even if they’re written in the worst possible handwriting.

But this rule only applies to the handwriting fonts that are hard to read.

For the fonts that can be easily read, you need to focus on one other thing. And it is…

The Pixels of the Handwriting Font.

It’s not a secret anymore that Pinterest can read what is on the pin. So what essentially happens is when you first publish your pin, Pinterest scans your picture. The word with the largest font becomes the most important word.

Pinterest sees that as you trying to tell the algorithm to pay close attention to the word.

But if you’ve been an avid user of Canva, you’ll realize most handwriting fonts will normally have larger pixels and easily fit within the pin image when compared to the normal type fonts.

In short, if you use a handwriting font for a word that isn’t important, ensure its pixels are less than your important keywords.


If you use a handwriting font for your major keywords, ensure it has the highest pixels.

Examples of the Best Handwriting Fonts to Use on Your Pins