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How to Create A Logo for Your Business in 5 Minutes.

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Setting up a logo is one of the very first things you think about when you start a business, a website or a blog. It’s one of those things that help you create a unique brand.

It’s obvious that your logo is not the only thing that makes up your branding but it is one of the components.

And that makes it just as important as all the other things that make an outstanding brand.

But the problem with getting a logo done for you is that

  1. Logo designers charge so much money.
  2. There will be so many revisions to finally get a logo that you actually love.
  3. You might actually end up not liking your logo. Yikes ?

Thats why this post will help you avoid all that and actually get a logo that you love and want to share with everyone.

I’ve personally used the method I’m about to share with you to get the current logo that is on this website.

So lets get into it.

Sign up for an AI Logo Maker

This is the most important step you’ll be taking in this tutorial as it will make your logo design process 10 times faster.

And I know there’s a preconceived notion about mass production going hand in hand with low quality.

But this isn’t the case especially with the tool I’m about to share with you.

And heres why I know that.

Before I decided to write this, I decided to do a little experiment to answer the question in many business owners’ minds ….. “Does this AI Logo Maker produce the same logos for different brands?”

Experiment Setup for the AI Logo Maker

This is how I set up the experiment.

I created two brands with totally different brand stories, brand colors and core values.

I ensured that these brands served the same audience just to see if the AI would pick up on what each logo needed to look like to portray the brand message.

The first brand is geared at creating a calm environment that makes you feel relaxed when you interact with the business.

While the second brand is very fun and playful and makes you feel like business doesn’t have to be so serious; it just needs to be fun.

So automatically, the brand colors are very different as well as the slogan and shapes used.

Now, each logo takes 5 minutes to create if you have every aspect of your branding figured out.

Watch me here customize a logo from scratch with just my phone.

This is how the logos look like:

Results of the Experiment

Logo 1

Logo 2

Let me know in the comment section which one resonated with you most.

So which AI Logo Maker am I using?

Well its Turbo Logo.

How To Create A Logo With Turbo Logo

Creating a logo with Turbologo is super easy. You’ll only have to go through 5 steps.

And if you don’t like how it looks, you can always edit your desired logo at the very end of the steps by adding shapes, colors, and icons to the logo.

In my honest opinion, you’ll need to at least edit out the logo design the AI generates for you. But that shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes.

Let’s create your logo with Turbologo.

Step 1: Add your Business Details

Head over to and click on the three lines on the top right.

Youll get a drop down menu. In that drop down menu, click on create a logo.

You’ll be directed to the page where you add your business details. The details include your business name, your slogan and which industry your business belongs to.

Do not worry as all the industries are all there – even if you have a crochet business. So don’t sweat it.

Step 2: Choose your color Inspiration

This part is quite easy but it’s also very limited in terms of the choices it provides for you.

If you can’t find your brand colors, simply click any of the three color pallettes provided. You’ll change them at the very end.

Step 3: Choose icons for your Logo

This is the one place you’ll use all the information you have about your business core values, brand message and brand identity.

If you’re struggling with figuring out those things, you’ll have a hard time finding icons that resonate with your brand.

So ensure you have your branding nailed down.

Step 4: Choose your Logo

You’ll be presented with a bunch of logo designs to choose from. Now choose the one you like most. That will be the base of your logo as you’ll need to customize it.

Remember you can always customize your logo by:

Adding other objects.

Uploading objects you’d like from the internet.

Changing the font, spacing of the font and texture of the font.

Make the text 3D.

Change the placement of the words.

Quick Tip: When designing a logo, start by getting inspiration from other established businesses, your own business name, and what you want your business known for.

That way you’ll end up creating a logo that is a true representation of your brand.

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