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How to get Pinterest Traffic Fast Without Ranking High

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It can get pretty tough when you’re trying to get Pinterest Traffic as a newbie. Your pins get seriously low impressions and even demoralize you.

At this point your Pinterest account feels like it is invisible. But why is that?

  1. The Pinterest algorithm still doesn’t know what your account is about.
  2. You haven’t been on the platform long enough for Pinterest to know who to show your pins to that will engage with your pins.

That’s what makes ranking on Pinterest a difficult task.

But I’m here to help you change all that in a matter of weeks even if you have a brand new Pinterest account.

You see in order to rank on Pinterest, your pins need to have a certain amount of engagement for the algorithm to consider it worth ranking and the keywords you choose need to have low competition for your pins to even have a shot of being top 20.

Moreover, the way you pin will also give Pinterest an idea of what your pin is all about.

In a nutshell, those two paragraphs describe what Pinterest SEO is.

What I’m trying to tell you is that you really can’t rely on Pinterest SEO when you’re brand spanking new to get Pinterest traffic.

So instead of waiting for 3 months to start seeing some great Pinterest traffic, I will show you some of my best tricks that will get you traffic from Pinterest relatively faster as a newbie.

I’ll give you 5 tricks that will get you Pinterest traffic without ranking your pins.

Lets jump right in

5 Ways to get Pinterest Traffic Without Ranking on Pinterest

As i said before, these tricks will not guarantee you long term results but will help you get traffic from Pinterest within 2 weeks of you follow everything I share here.

Be sure to follow the instructions in order to see results.

I have tried and tested all these techniques on new accounts and I can attest that they do work.

I’ll insert pictures here.

Follow the Trends Feature

Tjeee was a time I was frustrated with this new Pinterest account.

I was following good SEO practices and still it wasn’t growing even if I tried to post new pins every day

We tried new content and used Buzzfeed but nothing really changed.

So in the middle of my frustration, I decided to email Pinterest.

Yes I did. And they responded… To my amazement.

In their response, they adviced me to follow trends. And I was like mmmh… Let me check that out.

So i tested what I’m about to share with you for a month.

How to Use Trends Feature to get Traffic

On the top left corner, (while using your laptop/Mac) click on trends.

Begin to search keywords in your niche.

Toggle to last year to see how the past trends were.

Ever heard the saying “Know your past to avoid history repeating itself?”

But in this case, you’re looking at last trends to correctly determine what this year’s trends will be.

So for instance, if last year there was an interest surge on Pinterest of air fryer meals around January and February. Then you can determine that this year, the same interest surge will be seen around that time.

Now, the trick is to be able to create different types of content on the trends that are coming up.

For instance, idea pins are usually picked up faster by the algorithm. And static pins take a little bit of time.

So you create static pins leading to your various blog posts about air fryer meals. Then create idea pins about air fryer meals and put them in the same board.

So the people who interact with your air fyer idea pin will also be shown your static pins of air fryer meals.

And that will drastically increase your impressions.

And even now that idea pins have the link feature, you still have to create static pins because of the way the Pinterest audience is. What do I mean?

The Pinterest audience is more inclined to click to your blog posts from a static pin than an idea pin.

And since you’re a newbie, I’m assuming you still don’t know how to use idea pins to invoke curiosity. But I’ll show you in just a few minutes how to do it.

Also, there are different types of people. There are people who prefer videos while others prefer reading pin titles.

And it will be beneficial for you if you can tap into both these types of people on Pinterest to get maximum traffic.

Use Idea Pins

Idea pins are huge especially if you know how to properly optimize it.

Ive seen idea pins hit 10k impressions in 2 hours. And I’ve also seen idea pins with 200-600 impressions.

And I realize that there is a science to it.

One, the idea pins that get a ton of impressions are those that are put in a board that already has some of your content upfront – 15-20 static pins.

That helps Pinterest figure out who to show your idea pin to.

Also, the board title you put your idea pin is detrimental.

How you optimize your idea pin is the most important. Ensure you tag your pin correctly. For instance, this adhd account does not have a tag. But the idea pin is about business related topics. So I used the business related tags. And it got 6.9k impressions.

The quality of the video you post on your idea pin is also very important. Don’t upload a hazy looking idea pin. You’d rather put a bunch of pictures than a hazy video.

And finally, a short video that gets played over and over again by a user is better than one long one that gets clicked off.

Post a short video or pictures that make a user interact with the idea pin. For instance, if a user taps on your idea pin to go to the next step, then the algorithm takes that as this person likes the idea pin so let me show it to more people. Same rule applies to short videos that are watched to the end or repeated.

So you want an idea pin that gets watched all through, or gets tapped to watch the next slider.

But that brings us to the next question. What are the best types of idea pins that will get a ton of engagement?

Find out here.

Interest Targeting

Remember that nice little email I got from Pinterest. It also talked about interest targeting.

But with this one I had to enquire a little more because I didn’t understand what they meant.

Well, it means exactly what it says. Hahahaha? as you can see from the response I received from Pinterest.

Let me explain. For example if I write about mom related content, then those moms are probably interested in kids’ clothes as well as parenting tips.

In short, Pinterest is becoming clever and is saying, “Hey, your audience don’t only care about one topic. They also care about these other topics that are more popular on Pinterest than what you’re creating. Why don’t you create content on it to get attention from the same audience?”

Understanding that concept is great… Executing it is the uphill battle.

I wasn’t able to execute it properly until a week later when I stumbled on this course. The only one btw that teaches in depth Pinterest interest targeting strategies.

Ofcourse I was excited and bought it. And I can say it is an absolute gold mine.

In my blogging career, I have bought 6 Pinterest courses and ALL of them have been updated to cater for the new Pinterest algorithm.

But none of these Pinterest courses cover the interest targeting topic and none will get you the results this course will in a short period of time like it has for me with a new account.

And guess what?

With interest targeting, you stand a higher chance of ranking because your pins are constantly attracting your audience who are highly likely to engage with your pins.

Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

The course creator, Amy, has 5M+ monthly impressions as I write this.

Not only that, she gives her advice based on real facts from Pinterest engineers and how the algorithm works.

In short, you’re not getting advice just from her experience but from actual facts published by Pinterest engineers.

It’s amazing.

Post Fresh Pins on The Regular

I’m sure you know about this tip. What you don’t know though is that Pinterest has lifted its weird ban on how many pins you can publish in one day.

Now you can publish at least 10 – 15 new fresh pins in one day as opposed to 3-5 new pins.

What this essentially means is that you can grow your Pinterest library a lot faster.

So what you should do is build up content on your site that you can constantly share on your account.

But blindly posting on Pinterest is not a strategy. You need a solid Pinterest marketing strategy that will guide you on what to do and what not to do to get that Pinterest traffic.

Singular Pinterest Board Topics

Remember how I was talking about how to post on Pinterest. Well, on Pinterest you need to post one fresh pin to multiple boards. It’s something that I was able to learn in this course. And it gives you great results.

But if you don’t have the budget to get the course use this rule. Create a board and fill it with pins with the same topic. For instance, a pin on Pinterest marketing should go to a board titled Pinterest marketing.

All you have to do is fill the board with pins that are all about Pinterest marketing.

This trick will work wonders if you have a blog that is all about one topic.

That way you’ll be able to fill that one board.

And what I have found is that when the board gets to 100+ pins, 20 pins in that board start to get recommended more and more by the algorithm because now Pinterest knows what that board is all about.

So if you have 10 posts about Single mom life, all you have to do is create 10 different pins of one blog post. That will make a total of 100 pins. Then pin them all to that one board.


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