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What’s Currently Working on Pinterest in 2023

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The majority of Pinterest tips out there is really outdated content that will probably not get you anywhere.

And thats what I discovered when I was trying to create my very own Pinterest strategy.

So everything in this post is backed up with actual facts that I will be sharing with you from all the research I have been doing over the past two weeks.

So lets get into it.

Repins are Back

Yep! You read that well. As I was researching top performing accounts on Pinterest (you know the ones with 1M+ impressions) I came across 4 different Pinterest accounts.

And for the sake of their own privacy I will not be sharing their profiles, unless they accept me to share their account details.

Now I use this Pinterest tool that helps me figure out what exactly any Pinterest account is currently doing. Meaning I get to see what they post, when they post, what they use to post pins and so forth.

And out of all those Pinterest accounts, I started realizing that they they are currently Repinning content.

But their repin to fresh content ratio is much like 10 to 1. So for every 10 new Pinterest pins, there is a nice little repin from another content creator or their very own pin.

And as you know, I’m a Pinterest manager so I checked out some of my clients accounts – the ones where I never deleted the repins.

Guess what…?

Their impressions are suddenly skyrocketing.

That just shows there is another Pinterest algorithm change.

To solidify this claim, I’ll share with you my own Pinterest analytics. Notice how on one day, my impressions just tanked out of the blue.

In fact I was thinking it was just another case of the Pinterest shadowban because of not posting daily.

But that isn’t the case because my client’s account – the one I was just talking about hasn’t posted in the last two months.

What to do If you’re still scared of Repinning

If you’re like me and it takes you time to adapt quickly, then your best option is to find other people’s content on Pinterest, click through to their website and save their pins.

That way, Pinterest will not think that is a repin but rather a save.


Its time to start Repinning content but do not over do it. Stick to Repinning once for every 10 fresh pins you publish.

Number of Fresh Pins to Publish A Day

There was a time where you could only pin 3 – 5 times a day. Fortunately, I recently discovered 4 accounts that are posting 20+ times a day.

At first I thought, “Give it some time and they will probably get flagged.” But instead, in two weeks time, the accounts are soaring with 4M+ impressions.

As if that’s not crazy enough, they only focused on fresh pins. No repins. Nothing on those lines.

And i know alot of you reading this will say that impressions is not equal to link clicks.

But as far as I’m concerned, the more impressions you get the more likely you are to get link clicks if you have highly converting pins.

So if you want to post a ton of content like we used to back in 2017, well, focus entirely on fresh pins.

And in this case, fresh pins also count as

  1. New pin linking to an old post.
  2. An old pin with a new color or new image.
  3. A pin saved directly from your website through the Pinterest share button or a chrome extension – like Tailwind.

Board Titling Has Changed

When my Pinterest impressions tanked, I contacted Pinterest. And they were quick to tell me that I need to focus on related interests.

In short, if my pin is about Pinterest marketing, I’m probably looking to attract either business owners or bloggers, right?

So my Pinterest boards should be titled what interests my audience is likely to interact with.

In the case I mentioned above, it means I should have a Pinterest board on Business marketing where my pin on Pinterest marketing will go into.

Thats one way of doing it.

Another way of doing it is having niche boards where you can pin a single topic. For Instance, a Pinterest marketing board only gets Pinterest advice.

Focus on Interests

Find popular interests on Pinterest that your audience will be interested in.

In the case of Pinterest marketing topics, it means my audience will also be interested in Canva topics. After all, that’s how they will be creating their pins.

Do you see how it works?

Let me give you one more example.

Let’s say I am writing about single mom parenting tips, my audience will also want to know about quick foods to make for their kids (if they have picky eaters), self care routines, how to co-parent, and even baby or toddler clothes.

In short, before writing any topic, have the audience in mind, then find out what other topics they could be interested in.

Just think about it. No person loves only one topic. And that’s how the Pinterest smart feed is working these days. It’s focusing more on interests.

This course from Amy Leblanc is the only Pinterest course that is currently teaching about interest targeting.

To me, that’s the most valuable part of this course. And the fact that she shows you 2 ways of executing the strategy is so cool.

One method is geared at those that don’t have a ton of content to share but want to be able to attract a ton of viewers. And the other is geared at those who have a decent amount of content.

Account Niching is The Key

If I saved a coin every single time I hear the word “Niche down” in my blogging and Pinterest management career, I’d be Rich today.

But the reason why a lot of experts are talking about niching down is because it’s working wonders on Pinterest now.

There are two ways of doing it:

Either focusing on the audience you’re targeting ie moms, bloggers, influencers.


Focusing on the topic i.e Pinterest marketing, Adhd, Instagram marketing. Minimalist lifestyle.

Both these ways will help you maximize on interest targeting.

For example. If you search for video marketing and click through a few pins and go to your home feed, Pinterest will IMMEDIATELY start to recommend video marketing pins.

And if you happen to have created a ton of content on video marketing, then Pinterest will recommend your pins to that user – especially if the person interacted with your pin (clicked on the link, saved or just clicked on the pin)

Also, if you click on a Pinterest pin about Canva fonts from a specific creator, Pinterest will pull up other related pins it thinks you’ll be interested in from other creators.

In short, what I’m saying is that it’s no longer a necessity to rank your Pins on search anymore. And I talk about why in this post.

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