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20 Habits of Successful Women from 20 rich Female Entrepreneurs (millionaires)

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Habits, they can make you a millionaire, a rich wealthy successful person, a goal achiever or not. Now in this post, these habits from milionaire female entrepreneurs will show you just how much habits can truly make you rich, successful and achieve your goals faster.

So for example if the goal is to be a millionaire, you sure are in the right place because all these successful women have little secrets of success that they’re sharing.

But before we get so engrossed into it, let’s talk about why you need to know the habits of successful people. And how will it really help you…

I mean you need to be absolutely sure that this successful rich people habits is truly your thing or you need to take a different route to achieving success.

Why You Need to Know the Habits of Successful Female Entrepreneurs

To Emulate the Same Behaviors

Don’t get me wrong. You’re supposed to be you. That’s what makes you different.

But knowing the habits of a successful woman is like getting a secret hack or a tap in the back if you find yourself already doing those things.

You see when I was researching, I listened to or read a ton of interviews of successful women – bloggers, business owners & influencers.

And I came to the realization that all these female entrepreneurs share so many of these traits that I will be talking about today.

Well, to be honest, some had more of one trait than others and that’s why I have categorized them the way I have.

Youll see what I mean in just a second.

In short, these habits are an integral part of creating success and wealth.

To Understand What It Takes to be a Successful Woman in the Modern World

Yes, I said modern world. Because there has not been a century like this before where we are seeing a lot of women in Forbes ranking along men.

It has always been men who were successful and women supported their husbands.

And when I say what it takes, you’ll realize how it is more challenging for a woman to become successful as opposed to a man.

From the challenges of being a single, divorced mom, to a married mom to a woman who was criticized for being in a male dominated industry.

To Validate Your Own Efforts

Many at times women don’t give themselves enough credit for what they are constantly doing. Not only.for themselves but their families.

And sometimes knowing and hearing another person who has walked in your shoes and is now a successful woman will give you that validation.

So if you’re a woman trying to build a successful blog or business, this post is definitely for you.

Reasons These 20 Female Entrepreneurs Are on This List

  1. These 20 successful women entrepreneurs that have been an inspiration in my own life and journey to blogging.

2. Their bravery and insightful tips have helped millions of women across the globe reach their desired lifestyle/ goals.

3. And finally these female entrepreneurs have been able to achieve success in less than 6 years – which is quite hard to do these days.

So let’s pull back the curtains to get a better understanding of what they do each day that makes them such huge names to wreckon with in the blogging, fashion & Business space.

20 Habits of Female Entrepreneurs Who Have Become Successful in a Short Time

Let’s talk about these habits.

Work Smart Instead of Hard

When I was starting my very first blog, a ton of bloggers always gave this same advice.

Unfortunately in the blogging world, you have to write the content – so you must do the working hard.

So i could never wrap my head around what this meant.

Until I stumbled on to Gina Trapani of Lifehacker. At the time she was still a writer.

And boy does she live by the rules that she teaches about productivity.

She talks about setting up systems, workflows and organization systems to help you get more work done.

At the time she was writing for Lifehacker every day and was still acting as an assistant editor.

I have worked in a magazine. And I can tell you that the editors and assistant editors survive on 8 cups of coffee a day – something most people should never do.

And how she has so much time to do it is what attracted me to her at first.

In this interview, Gina goes over what she thinks working smart should look like. And I love how she maneuvers her questions.

But I’m sure you’re wondering how do you actually work smart?

Well, Gina once said that if she had an MBA course it would cover installing a personal organization system into your life, automation of repetitive tasks, and firewalling your attention to avoid getting distracted.

In essence, those are the three things that will actually help you work smarter.

She has a book titled Upgrade your life: The lifehacker guide to working smarter, faster and better. But the book is a little outdated because some softwares she talks about are no longer in existence. But other than that, the book is quite amazing for that price point.

And recently became a board member of the Radiant Earth Foundation.

Constantly Learning

No matter what industry you’re in, you have to be open to learning new things. Things change, strategies stop working and if you don’t change, you die off.

Thats how this one female entrepreneur started her blog/ business.

Her name is Katie who runs her blog, katiedidwhat along with her husband.

She says she had to learn everything as she was not tech savvy and neither had she ever attended any business school.

Talk about being witty.

Katie has been able to retire her husband who also works on the blog. And they collectively earn six to seven figures.

In one of her interviews she says, “Everything we’ve learned, we have learned as we traveled through this process.”

So if you’re navigating unchartered waters and you feel lost, don’t worry. Just learn.

After all, you have Google. You can google it.

Plus, there are so many courses and experts on virtually anything you can think of. It helps when you have that one person who knows just a little more than you do by your corner.

Have a Work-Life Balance

Have you heard most entrepreneurs talking about sacrifice…. You know you have to sacrifice this and that to get to your goals… Well, there’s one woman entrepreneur who doesn’t believe in sacrificing the small things that make her happy.

She has built a 7-figure business, gotten married and still has a social and family life.

This entrepreneur inspired me since the very beginning of her online business. I love that her IG page isn’t supeeeeeerrrr pretty to the point it makes you feel like she is unapproachable.

I love it when she said that she has coffee dates with her father. And that those small things are really hard to come by especially if you’re an entrepreneur.

There’s always going to be something to do in your business but there’s never going to be another time to spend with your loved one in that moment.

Her name is Sunny Lennarduzzi. She teaches YouTube strategies like nobody else. If you enroll in one of her classes, you’ll see what I mean.

She teaches real strategies but makes it super fun and super engaging. By the time shes done with one lesson, you just want to keep going.

So if you want to grow your YouTube channel, she is definitely the girl for you.

Now, I know her courses are a little bit on the pricey end but if you enroll here, you get Sunny’s course on how to build a fan base fast on YouTube for $12.

This course helped me get 1.8k views on my very first YouTube video with only 2 subscribers.

Ill begin working on my YouTube channel at the end of this year after this blog begins to grow. I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew.

I use the same platform to learn SEO, email marketing, branding, client acquisition and photography techniques that I am constantly using on this blog and for my Pinterest business.

Know the Art of Outsourcing

It is important as a female entrepreneur to know that you cannot do it by yourself.

But it doesn’t stop there.

You must also know what to look for in new hires so that you don’t end up

  1. Hiring a position you don’t need.
  2. Getting an employee who does not align with your brand’s core values
  3. Hiring a person who you’re better at doing their job.

Rihanna always says that you should hire people who are better at their jobs than you are. Otherwise, you don’t need them.

But these two women have taken outsourcing and delegating to a whole different ball game.

Their names are Daniele Moss and Alaina Kacz. These are the founders of Everygirl. – the website that has changed the way millennial working women think, dress and live.

Within a few months of launching Everygirl, the website was ranked top 10 by Forbes as the best for millennial women.

Not only that, they are also the creators of Everymom.

And guess how they did it? Well, through outsourcing and delegation.

Danielle knows the power of delegation and is heard in this podcast saying that sometimes it’s okay to let go of things to focus on others.

In delegating tasks and getting writers, these two women were able to grow their website to reach millions of readers monthly.

So if you’re at a place where you need to spend a little money to make a new hire to get more done… Do it.

Speaking of spending money, let’s go next.

Spend Money to Make Money

Now this is just a law of the universe. You have to spend some amount of money to make money.

Take for example a blog. You need to spend money on hosting, internet and a domain name

To become a transcriber, you need to invest in noise canceling headphones laptop and internet. Or just a phone and internet.

To make it as a YouTuber, you need internet, a phone and and editing software.

And the list goes on and on and on.

But this blogger literally moved mountains to be able to start her blog and her career in art/ drawing.

She’s my namesy. Her name is Angela from Stray curls. And my name is Angela as well… Lol!

I stumbled on her when I wanted to start my very first blog. She creates very unique pins of an animated “her” and the Struggles of her curly hair. Hence the name straycurls.

Now her story still makes me go oh wow! She lives in India. And she has been able to grow her blog, grow her income 10 fold and still get clients for her art business – what a queen.

Now this fire female entrepreneur had to learn how to create websites and do SEO to save enough money to start her own art business.

She eventually started her own blog because of the Instagram algorithm – don’t we all just hate that thing ?

Now this female entrepreneur/ blogger understands the concept of spending money to make it.

In order to guarantee her art success she knew she had to have and spend money.

So if you have a blog and you’re struggling to get traffic, get an amazing ebook/course to help you get that sorted.

If you’re struggling to get affiliate sales, an in-depth affiliate marketing course will do the trick for you.

The key is to invest in your dreams and yourself.

Are Leaders/ Leadership Roles.

To be a leader means to do things that move you out of your comfort zone so that you can be a source of inspiration, a pillar of strength and give people that validation.

Unlike what people think bosses are – the type that just barks orders and never really understands what is really happening.

A leader means being vulnerable and showing by example.

And that is something I see in this fine female entrepreneur that goes by the name Elayna Fernandez.

She started by showing her most vulnerable, ugly side of what she was going through. From the depression to motherhood despite the fear that she had of being judged by her neighbors and close family.

And she says she wants other women in business to feel validated when they experience her…. No judgement. Just someone who understands.

I think that is very bold of her to stand up and voice her struggles.

Now there are different types of leaders. You don’t have to be like Elayna.

There are thought leaders who come up with innovative ideas and strategies ever so often.

While transformational leaders share their experiences for others to learn – much like what Fernandez does.

Now I will not be diving into the different types of leadership styles but this post will help you figure out what type of a leader you are

Are Not Perfectionists

Raven Elyse is the embodiment of done is better than perfect.

And of course she takes her time to find ideas, film them, and edit them but she doesn’t dwell on small things like “Is the lighting perfect? Do you hear cars in the background? The camera fell should I cut that part out?”

Nope! She doesn’t because she understands that getting that YouTube video up every single week without fail is more important to her business than perfectionism.

Recently she did an IG story talking about how she knows she doesn’t pay attention to the small details.

She shows what she is doing and that’s just about it.

And i wish she would have created that piece of content a while back when I needed to hear it.

To start and run a business is hard especially as a woman.

You’re controlled by the aesthetics.

Everything to look nice. It has to be perfect. The brand colors need to be soft pink of hex number X.

You see all that is not as important as just starting. Believe me when I tell you that you’ll figure it out on the way.

Even if it’s just a blog like this one. Just start creating content. You’ll be able to create the logo of your dreams and get a brand message that aligns with it.

Raven Elyse has rebranded 4 times since the onset of her YouTube career which hasn’t even been that long. And she earns 7 figures a year.

The main thing you should get from Raven is that you should never let perfectionism hinder your growth

Not Focused on Making Money Rather Adding Value

If you’re a female entrepreneur or you’re thinking of starting a business, you know the power of why.

Why do you want to start your business? Why do you own a blog?

If your why is entangled with how much money you make then when things get tough, you’ll be ready to throw in the towel.

So ensure you have a strong why. If you don’t know where to start you can start by reading this female entrepreneurs interview.

Her name is Carli Bigi. What a force she is. First, her entire business model from Laws of Motion is something out of a sci-fi movie … Like for real.

She has reinvented how clothes fit… And how women purchase clothes. She is taking the fashion industry by storm.

Within a few months of launching her business, the company was already making millions unlike what we know about most startups – they fail within a year.

During covid, she redirected her supply chain to make PPEs worth $5mill. And has been quoted saying she prioritizes purpose over profit.

There’s nothing about her business that shows you she is about cashing in that cheque.

And that’s the major thing that is constantly helping her become more and more successful.

Are Decision Makers

Making the right decisions in life will make you or break you.

I wonder why they don’t teach that in uni. There should be a whole class on decision making.

Because it’s the one thing all successful people, be it entrepreneurs or investors.

They all believe in the power of decision making. And I believe in it too.

For example; as I was writing this post, I was given the option of going out to the club and chose to finish up this post.

Will it pay off? Heck yeah! But going to the club will only take money away from my pocket.

That’s what I find very unique in the famous iJustine on YouTube.

At a time when nobody thought YouTube was going to be as huge as it is, she took it seriously.

When she was criticized about being a woman in a male dominated industry, she kept doing.

She is constantly making decisions that she knows will grow her business. A lot of it has to do with how she views things.

It is the fact that she sticks to her decisions. She does not waver even when faced with resistance.

So enhance your decision making skills and learn how to stand your ground even when people think you’re crazy.

The reason I say that is because alot of entrepreneurs are often referred to as “being crazy enough to do it.”

Risk Takers

A risk is not a guarantee to success. In fact all these female entrepreneurs started their businesses with the hopes of making money.

The keyword here being hope…. Not guarantee.

Others like Erin on Demand had to take a risk and move away from a path that was already making her a successful journalist to start her own business.

Being presented with a dilemma – to take a path that was guaranteed to give her success. And another path that wasn’t a guarantee to success.

She is now a very successful woman entrepreneur with her own YouTube channel, a notebook a course and a paid FB group.

She is amazing at what she does but she had to take a leap of faith in herself to start her business.

And that’s what you should do. But don’t do it blindly.

i like to say that you should take a calculated risk.

A calculated risk is basically putting yourself in a situation where you know the possible negative outcome that is associated with it. But also the positive outcomes. And choosing to make that decision anyway because of the possible rewards.

In short, do not start a business without a plan in mind or a strategy on how you will get sales, handle your personal finances and get the business off the ground.

Not Quitters

Running a business is not a walk in the park especially when you start out. Nobody knows you. Nobody cares about what you’re doing. And everyone cares about what you can do for them. It’s hard.

But if you quit, then you will never know what that business/blog/ YouTube channel could have grown to become.

But NEVER EVER quit on something you want to do.

In fact, this female entrepreneur by the name Elise Darma is truly the reason why I don’t quit on any business venture I start.

Can you imagine hitting a 7-year growth plateau in your business and still keep doing it every day?

Well, that’s exactly what Elise did. She did not quit.

If that is not motivation enough not to quit on your dream, I don’t know what is.

Long-term Goal Oriented

When you start your business or blog/YouTube channel, you will not make money for months.

And if you do make money, it will be way way lower than the minimum wage.

You’ll feel like you’re putting in so much energy with such little return.

But that’s where you become a strong willed person.

Let me give you an example. Did you know that Uber does not make any profits? The investors are waiting for when cars will be self driven to cut on driver’s pay to cash in.

Talk about long-term gain taken to the extreme.

Let me tone that a bit down. You don’t have to wait for years on end to see profits. But don’t be fixated on how much money you can make this month.

Instead focus on the future. Have an eye to predict trends and patterns even before they happen.

That’s the way successful investors earn their money.

In fact, this female Entrepreneur has that nailed down to a tee. When the world was going into lockdown and everyone was hoarding their money, she was busy buying Zoom shares.

Realizing that Zoom would be the center of all business meetings is what drove her to make that decision.

So don’t focus on what gains you can make today. Focus on what you’ll be able to gain in 6 months, 1 year, 2 years.

Ability to Identify Opportunities

All successful entrepreneurs, whether female or male, are observant. They notice when there is a gap that needs to be filled in a niche and they fill it well.

But for this entrepreneur, she created the whole idea of using Instagram for business.

At the time, all the gurus were talking about using Instagram for influencers.

But nobody was thinking about service providers, product based businesses and so forth.

And Vanessa Lau noticed the gap and immediately jumped to the opportunity.

The reason I put her here is because she didn’t initially intend on becoming an Instagram coach. She was doing beauty videos on YouTube.

In fact, Sunny Lennarduzzi coached her to grow her YouTube channel.

So from this woman who had no intention of starting an online coaching program to this woman who is now making 7 figure launches. And has now retired in a span of 6 years.

In short, if you should take anything from this post, take this one with you. Identify Opportunities around you.

Stop being comfortable with how things are and become so uncomfortable that you find a new way of doing things.

Listen to their Client Base/ Audience/ empathy

I dont know any other class of people who are empaths like entrepreneurs.

To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to fit your feet in your customers shoes. That’s the only way you’ll be able to create ideas, products and services that can be useful to them.

In fact it’s the fastest way to make money in any niche.

If you don’t understand your audience then your messaging will be off and you’ll lose that connection with your audience – much like what’s happening with the Kardashians.

Not throwing shade… But ill be real with you.

Take for example this blog post. I was thinking about a female entrepreneur who is struggling and is wondering what other successful people are doing is going to be my reader.

Also, a woman who wants to start a blog, business or a YouTube channel and wants to know what to do to make her journey to becoming a successful female entrepreneur easier.

With those two people in mind, I am able to tailor my blog post to give the best advice to these two types people.

If I didn’t have a persona in mind, then my advice will be all over the place. And probably lose your attention before I can say hey.

Make Money Passively

If you have the power to make money while you sleep, do it.

And when I say make money passively, I don mean that you don’t have to do any work. I mean you’ll be able to put in little effort and still see huge rewards.

Take for example this female blogger by the name Michelle. She makes majority of her income from affiliate income which comes to around $760,000 a year.

She is the queen of passive income. And she advices people to put in the work upfront to be able to see the returns for years.

Making passive income is the only way to be able to truly live a life that you control – and not vice versa.

Make Short-term Sacrifices for Long term Gains

As a female entrepreneur, you have to know which short term sacrifices can be made and which ones cant.

For example I cannot sacrifice my time with my child. But I can sacrifice going to have brunch with my friends in order to get my to-do list done.

Also, there are many sacrifices you will have to be willing to take to see your business flourish apart from the small example I’ve just given.

Other sacrifices will be bigger than others. But the queen of sacrifices made for your business/passion is Heather Armstrong.

She was fired or “disciplined” for owning her blog.

It is a short-term sacrifice she involuntarily did but she was able to build an entire empire because of that discomfort.

Now, you don’t need to get fired but you can’t be successful without some type of sacrifice.

I sacrifice eating out to invest in myself and my blog. I’m constantly sacrificing my sleep to write and research content.

Also, ensure to set up a reward system. If you sacrifice time with your hubby to write 5 blog posts, give yourself a reward of hanging out with your beau the next day. I like to call it the sacrifice-reward balance system.

Focused on Sustainability & Consistency

If you’ve been trying to grow a business then I know you have heard this advice a couple of times before… And probably think that it’s cliche

But it isn’t.

You see when you do something for 100 hours regardless of what that thing is you become better. That’s a scientific fact.

But blind consistency is also not advisable. You have to have a strategy, a plan, and an execution strategy.

But how do you know if you’re strategy is working/ to keep doing it?

Well, when you start to see results within a month of executing the strategy daily.

Now, it’s also important to know when to change your business growth strategy especially if you’re a complete newb.

But dont get in the habit of changing it over and over again. Give your current strategy time to work and then evaluate the results you get from it.

Now, among the bloggers turned female entrepreneurs who has shown consistency has been the key to her success is Susie Lau.

In the beginning of her career, she would write content whenever she could.

In her own words. “I’d write during lunch break, before work, after work and whenever I could during my work hours.”

She consistently wrote content without fail every single day. And it paid up big.

She is the owner of stylebubble and gets invited to all the fashion weeks sitting front row with the A class celebrities.


There are certain habits you can do on a daily basis that can help you get more disciplined.

Infact, if I’m asked what discipline is I’ll simply say it’s the ability to stand firmly behind any decision no matter how hard it gets.

When you’re disciplined, it gets hard for people to sway you away from making a decision that isn’t aligned with your goal.

And that in itself helps you accomplish more, get more things done and increases your ability to say no to things/people/actions that don’t serve you anymore.

As a matter of fact, thats what Ana Skyes of the she approach thinks discipline is. It’s one of the things that has helped her build a successful blog and business while still in uni.

She says with discipline, she gets things done even if she can’t get through that bad day.

And that’s a fact. Bad days are inevitable.

You’re not always going to want to write, take meetings etc. One day your boyfriend will break up with you and you’ll have to work as usual and put your emotions aside.

That’s why you need to build self discipline by constantly doing things that need to be done that you don’t want to do.

And with time, you’ll notice the subtle changes in your habits.

Highly Adaptive & Do not Resist Change

Change is inevitable even in your personal life. And when you’re not a highly Adaptive person you find it difficult to adjust to your environment. That leads to resistance, depression and a whole lot of cans I don’t want to open here.

So when you’re an entrepreneur, you need to adapt to your business environment.

For example; a new competitor has entered into the market and is taking customers away from you like crazy. What fo you do? Do you continue doing what you’re used to or do you re-strategize? Do you sulk or do you jump into action?

In fact Nancy J Price of SheKnows has been at the pinnacle of this character.

After growing SheKnows to millions of readers, she cashed out and has gone to write books and now owns multiple websites that bring in millions of readers as well.

She says she needed change. She also wanted to go solo because she co-owned SheKnows.

So dont be afraid of change. Embrace it and it will lead you to places you never knew you would set foot in – and I don’t mean it in a negative way.

Now since change is goes hand in hand with decisions you make, ensure you’re always making the right decisions for you and your business.

For example, don’t sell your blog/ business without a plan on how you’ll use that money to make more money.

They Diversify Income

Last but definitely not least is that successful female entrepreneurs diversify their income. They know that shit happens and you just can’t put all your eggs in one basket.

that’s why you’ll notice most successful women have blogs, YouTube channels, product based businesses, courses etc.

Its because they know their business models are not completely secure.

In dact they’re is no business model that is secure. That’s why it’s a risk.

So the trick is spreading your risk across a bunch of business ideas to minimize the amount of loss Incase something unexpected happens like an economic depression.

Also, they’re extremely good at managing their finances. They’re not overspendors and always know where to put their money for maximum returns. They’re interested in investing rather than saving.

When i was researching, I found this female entrepeeneur by the name McKenzie. She runs multiple blogs but is mostly known for her legendary blog, moms make cents.

This lady has diversified her income in less than 5 years. From creating multiple blogs in multiple niches to creating multiple courses for the audience in those blogs and even has advice on how she invests in real estate, stocks and so much more.

Her income diversification plan is killer in that it doesn’t overwork her to the point of being burnt out.