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Feminine Canva Website Templates under $20

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So you don’t have the money to splurge on a website designer or the time to customize a sophisticated WordPress theme, well Canva website templates will do just the trick for you.

That’s why in this post, I selected Canva website templates for all business owners.

So whether you have a coaching business, a realtor business, a product based business or a service-based business, there’s a Canva website template for you. And the best part is if the template is meant for your type of business, the website customization will take a little over 2 hours.

Thats quite good compared to what it was like for most of us (I mean me) who started using Canva website when it was brand spanking new.

My Experience with Canva Websites

I remember when I was first starting out as a Pinterest manager, I made a Canva website for myself. That’s when the Canva website option had just been introduced. And boy was I happy because I didn’t have to spend an extra $50-70 for a website Hahahaha.?

I hope I can find a screenshot of my one-page Canva website. I’m a little embarassed because it wasn’t all that… But hey, it’s my journey!!

At the time, they didn’t have the option to add your own domain but I didn’t care. Now, they do btw and I think it’s pretty sweet.

So I spent an entire week creating this nice little one page webstemplatesite and pasted the link on my socials (Instagram & Pinterest).

Exactly a week after launching my Canva website, I got my very first sale through Instagram. And I remember asking the lady why she had contacted me and she said, you seem like a serious person from what I’ve read on your website.

That comment made me realize just how important it is to have a website as a business owner especially if you want to build a brand.

Pros of Using Canva Website Templates

Now apart from the obvious fact that using a Canva website templates will make customizing your website a lot faster, there are 3 other major pros of using Canva website templates.

1. They are Super Inexpensive.

Canva website templates are generally inexpensive with most of them going for $5 all through to $60.

There are those that are under $20, others that are under $30 and if you want more classic or chic Canva Websites, there are those that are under $40. You’ll never get a Canva website template that is above $60.

The price points on these templates are extremely lower than most similar looking WordPress, Wix or Squarespace website templates.

2. You Never Need Web Hosting

In order to set up a Canva website, all you need is a Canva pro account which costs $6.99 a month.

But if you were to get a WordPress, Wix or Squuarespace website template, you’d need to get hosting and still end up paying for Canva to create your pins or Instagram posts.

For instance, this bloggers expenses for a month showcases that they pay for hosting as well as Canva which comes to $20 – $35 on average.

So instead of paying for both web hosting and Canva, simply pay for that Canva pro account that’s only $6.99 and save some $20.

3. Canva Website Templates Can be Used As Sales Pages/ Landing Pages.

Canva Websites have the ability to link out to your checkout pages and your email opt-ins making them great sales pages/ landing pages

If you’re pretty new to how it all works, here’s a simple tutorial you can follow to link your Canva sales page to your checkout page.

Most sales page/ landing page builders like Leadpages or ClickFunnel cost $40 – $100+ a month. That’s a lot more than what Canva pro costs.

Additionally, you get more design options with Canva pro than you will ever get with Leadpages or any other landing page builder or sales page builder out there.

4. Canva Websites Can be Used As E-commerce Websites

Now the one thing I recently discovered is that Canva Websites can be used as an E-commerce website and I am in absolute shock.

Let me give you the deets.

All you have to do is pick one of the Canva website templates provided below and then add your checkout link (which I’ll talk about a little later on this blog post on how you can do it)

The Canva website templates give you the ability to customize your pictures and add product descriptions on the product pages.

In short, you get a fully functional e-commerce website but you’ll need to integrate a third party cart option which I’ll be talking about.

The One Major Con of Canva Websites

Now, I must be completely honest with you. All Canva website templates cannot be used for blogging. If your intention is to attach your business website to a blog, a Canva website template is not the best option for you. Instead, you can try these beautiful themes that will allow you to create blog posts and still maintain a business website.

If you’re still reading this then it means you still want these Canva website templates that are under $20.

So lets jump right in.

Canva Website Templates Under $20

Canva Website Template for Coaches.

If youre a coach, there are 3 main things you’re looking for.

  1. A sales page to your paid 1 on 1 coaching sessions or your paid course.
  2. An About page to show potential clients why they should work with you.
  3. A homepage with the most important information about your business.

So these Canva website templates have fully functioning websites with sales pages, landing pages, about pages and contact pages.

Canva Website Templates for Service Providers

If you’re a service provider, you know how important it is to have a portfolio where you can showcase what you’re capable of doing.

That’s why when I was picking these Canva website templates I put that as one of the major requirements to make it in this list.

Check them out.

Canva Website Templates for Product based Business

When I was choosing the Canva website templates for e-commerce stores, I had 3 things in mind.

  1. Showcasing product pictures and product details/ descriptions.
  2. Ability to have multiple categories.
  3. Ability for customers to leave reviews

Quick Disclaimer: Now, these Canva Websites are best for online shops with products without variables.

For example, an online shoe shop would not be a great fit because of the different sizing of one type of shoe. But an online beauty shop would be a great fit because there are no variables.

Finally, I did promise I was going to share how to connect a shopping cart and payment processing on your Canva e-commerce website. So here are the steps

How To Connect Canva E-commerce Website to Checkout Page

Step 1: Head over to Squareup website

Step 2: Create an Account and Fill out your business details

Step 3: Fill out the “Where will you sell” section by clicking on the following 3 options – “On the go” , “Through pay links and buy buttons” and “Through a square online account.”

Step 4: Select how you will accept payment. I’d suggest you click all the options available. But this will also depend on your preference.

Step 5: Select other services they can help you with. I’d suggest you click on help in keeping up with your catalogue but it’s not really necessary.

Step 6: Verify your identity by filling out all your details.

Step 7: Now it’s time to figure out where they will send your sales. I’d suggest you choose the next business day because it’s free.

Step 8: Link your Bank Account number that you want your payment sent to and skip the hardware part because you run an online store.

Step 9: Start by setting up the online version instead of the virtual one.

Step 10: You’re going to be prompted to choose a plan. And choose the free version. And set up the full experience website (psst you won’t actually set up the website)

Step 11: You’ll be directed to the dashboard. Click on the menu that is on the top left of the page and click the online checkout button.

Step 12: Now click on payment links and create a link by adding the item name, it’s price and adding the item pictures.

Step 13: Copy that link and paste it back to your Canva website. Also make sure you are the link on the words as well as your button.

If you’d like to have your customers adding multiple products by integrating Gumroad. Here’s a full tutorial on how to connect your Gumroad account with Canva website.

Enough about the chit chat, let’s get into the Canva e-commerce website templates.

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